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Call for Papers and Workshops for the Association's National Conference in June 2015

Inspired by the need to imagine different and better worlds for ourselves, this Conference seeks to provoke debate and discussion about the kinds of communities that can be made in the here and now, and the ways in which youth and community work can respond to the need for them. 


Papers are invited that address the theme: 

‘Questioning Paradigms in Youth and Community Work: Imagining a Different Future’


Presentations have already been proposed relating to: 

- The place of utopian studies in radical youth and community work practice.

- The role of the arts and creativity in nurturing the imagination of practice.

- Creating communities of practice through ‘organising horizontally’ locally and globally.

- Nurturing counter-narratives to the disposability of poor and marginalised communities.

- The place of virtual and digital worlds in the practice of youth and community work.

- Faith and Humanist/Posthumanist discourses in practice.

- Spaces and places of contestation: nurturing alternative visions and possibilities in community-based youth work. How ‘places’ avoid becoming ‘spaces’ of segregation or silos?


Workshops are also invited on developing educational practice in the teaching of youth and community work and are broadly themed under the heading:

‘Questioning teaching and learning in Youth and Community Work’.


Examples include:

- The use of new technologies and social media to enhance teaching and learning.

- Best practice in distance learning for youth and community work education.

- The use of enquiry-based learning and student identified learning outcomes.

Abstracts / Workshop outlines on these or related themes should be sent to Janet Batsleer   by April 26th

Acceptance of papers/workshops will be notified by May 20th and all presenters will qualify for the ‘early bird booking rate’ regardless of the timing of application.


The Full Conference Title is: "Education Otherwise: Creating Communities of Practice (Questioning Paradigms in Youth and Community Work)" The Conference starts at 3.00pm* Thursday 25th and runs to 3.00pm Saturday 27th June 2015 at Brathay Hall, Ambleside, the Lake District (*The conference will begin with member workshops at 3.00pm, the full conference at 5.00pm).


You can reserve your place on-line by clicking on this link to open our EventBrite bookings page.


You can also download a booking form by following 'this link' and a full programme is available by clicking 'this link'

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