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Consultation Day on ‘Enhancing Professional Identity’ to be held on Tuesday 21st March, 2017

Consultation Day on ‘Enhancing Professional Identity:

The Role and Function of Professional Qualifications in Youth and Community Work'


The Association is holding a Consultation Day for Course Leaders (and nominated representatives) on Tuesday 21st March from 10.30am-4.30pm at a Hotel Ibis, Central Birmingham.


The purpose of the day is to work with course leaders and endorsement agencies to renew our commitment to professional endorsement by ensuring that endorsement and validation processes for professional courses are streamlined, sustainable and fit for purpose in our contemporary context.

Evidence from our ‘Shaping the Future’ consultation and 2016 Annual Conference give us confidence that there is a desire and energy amongst members and the sector to forge this renewal with concrete collective action; and that it requires further critical and creative dialogue about youth and community work's professional identity and the training/qualifications of youth and community workers.


Therefore, we are calling this consultation to facilitate a positive, inclusive and forward looking process with institutions offering professional qualifications and key stakeholders, including endorsement agencies and ETS committee members


The Association will work towards articulating outcomes and options for professionally qualifying HE programmes in youth and community work within the wider youth work / community development qualification context. This will be used to inform next steps for accommodating changes in practice, employment, sector representation and the demands of higher education institutions.


Participation in the Day:


Institutions that offer a professional qualification are invited to send a maximum of two representatives, priority given to course leaders or their nominated deputy. Other stakeholders such as endorsement agencies and ETS committee members are invited to contribute to the day.




Draft Programme for the Day:


10.30am: Tea, Coffee and Pastries will be available on arrival.

11.00am: Welcome and context setting: Perspectives from ETS Committees and Validation Agencies

11.30am: Group Consultation Theme 1 with plenary feedback

12.30pm: A buffet lunch with hot and cold options will be provided

1.30pm: Group Consultation Theme 2 with plenary feedback

2.30pm: Refreshments break

2.45pm: Group Consultation Theme 3 with plenary feedback

3.45pm: Afternoon Refreshments

4.00pm: Summary of Outcomes and Recommendations


Information gathering in advance of the day:

Institutions that offer a professional qualification are invited to provide advance notice of subjects for discussion and views/data on current issues related to the provision of professional qualifications. A survey for gathering this information is available via this link. Please only submit one response per institution.


Note on UK and Ireland Representation:

The Association welcomes representation from across the UK and Ireland to this consultation. It is recognised that each nation has a distinct framework relating to the offer of qualifications in youth and community work; and that each nations perspective is helpful in sharing good practice and enabling a shared vision for professional practice. On this occasion, the challenges facing the English situation is of particular urgency due to substantial changes in the English context for professional practice and in the offer of graduate qualifications. Therefore, particular attention will be given to the English context and framework for qualifications during this consultation with an invitation for Welsh, Scottish and Irish representatives to share their perspectives, advice, challenges and opportunities.


Further questions about the event can be addressed to:



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