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Youth Sector 'Open Letter' to Main Political Parties

The Association's Chair, Alastair Scott-McKinley is one of 51 youth sector officers who have signed the following open letter addressing all the main political parties, urging them to make a firm commitment to engage and consult young people in developing and presenting a clear plan which will shape a post Brexit future for Britain:


Dear Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron, Nicola Sturgeon, Leanne Wood, Paul Nuttall, Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley,


As Britain prepares for a snap general election, we call on you to make a firm commitment to young people across the country.


Since the referendum last year, our organisations have worked to engage young people from every part of the UK and from all backgrounds and political persuasions to present a clear plan for what they want from post-Brexit Britain. Our national research and consultation has given us a strong and consistent picture of the top issues that matter to young people in post-Brexit Britain.


We can show you that younger generations are united on the big issues that will shape their future. Now more than ever, their overwhelming demand to be part of the political process must be acted upon. As the generation that will live longest with the outcome of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, we ask you to recognise that young people can have a positive impact on the Brexit negotiations and give real legitimacy to the process.


This election offers a huge opportunity to reshape the nation's priorities and restore young people’s confidence in our democracy.


As you put together your platform for the general election, we are calling on all party leaders to make an explicit commitment to represent young people’s demands in their upcoming manifestos.


As you all prepare for this election we will all be galvanising our networks to ensure young citizens are engaged and registered to vote.


We are calling on you to give them something to vote for.


Co-signed by:

  1. Charlotte Gerada, (Co-Leader, Undivided)
  2. Jo Hobbs (Chief Executive, British Youth Council)
  3. Mete Coban (Chief Executive, My Life My Say)
  4. Michael Sani (CEO, Bite The Ballot)
  5. Anna Smee (CEO UK Youth)
  6. Caroline Macfarland (Director, Common Vision)
  7. David Reed (Director, Generation Change)
  8. Sam Conniff (Founder, Livity)
  9. Alex Goat (CEO Livity)
  10. Charlotte Hill (CEO Step Up To Serve)
  11. Chris Martin (CEO The Mix)
  12. Julie Bentley (CEO Girlguiding)
  13. Jessica Taplin (CEO V-inspired)
  14. Malia Bouattia - (National President National Union of Students)
  15. Emma Revie (CEO Ambition)
  16. Helen Marshall (CEO Brook)
  17. Hannah Kentish (UK Youth Commissioner The Scout Association)
  18. Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa (CEO Foyer Federation)
  19. Paul R Miller (Chief Executive, National Youth Agency)
  20. Thomas Lawson (CEO LEAP)
  21. Matt Stevenson Dodd (CEO Street League)
  22. Sophie Livingstone (Chief Executive City Year UK)
  23. Bethia McNeil (Director The Centre for Youth Impact)
  24. Sharon Long (CEO Vision for Young London)
  25. Dominique Airey (Chief Executive Khulisa)
  26. Jeffrey Defries (Founder iCould)
  27. Moira Sinclair (CEO Paul Hamlyn Foundation)
  28. Jennie Butterworth (CEO Envision)
  29. Callum McGeoch (Trustee Tom Ap Rhys Trust)
  30. Tim Tod (CEO Young Devon)
  31. Emma Thomas (Former CEO Youthnet)
  32. Matteo Bergamini (Founder & Director, Shout Out UK)
  33. Natalie Campbell (Founder A Very Good Company)
  34. Michelle Morgan (Founder Livity)
  35. Bejay Munega (CEO Supa Academy)
  36. Jonathan Harper (CEO Future Foundations)
  37. Sarah Brennan (CEO Young Minds)
  38. Paul Perkins (CEO THE WINCH)
  39. Kelly Davies (CEO Vi-Ability)
  40. Jane Slowey (Ex CEO Foyer Federation)
  41. Rob Wilson (Former UK Director Ashoka UK)
  42. Oonagh Aitken (CEO, Volunteering Matters)
  43. Joe Carberry (Co-Executive Director, Open Britain)
  44. Jasper Kain (Co-Director, Football Beyond Borders)
  45. Alastair Scott-McKinley (Chair: The Professional Association of Lecturers in Youth and Community Work)
  46. Ellie Garraway (Chief Operating Officer, Youth At Risk)
  47. Ruth Ibegbuna (CEO, Reclaim)
  48. Edward Boott (Director, Nonsuch)
  49. Ed Dowding (CEO,
  50. Rosemary Watt-Wyness (CEO, London Youth)
  51. Barbara Rayment (Director, Youth Access)


Letter also published by Ambition UK via this link
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